Wood holds a natural beauty, and it has been used in construction longer than almost any other material. While wood is now considered somewhat of a luxury, if you don’t mind the extra cost that it incurs, it is a very versatile and beautiful material to use. Wood siding does have some shortcomings when compared to other materials. It is vulnerable to fire, insects, woodpeckers, rot, and mold. To make sure that it stays looking good, it does take some maintenance, as well as, vigilance.

However, wood siding is good in that a damaged board can be replaced fairly easily without damaging the surrounding boards.

If you choose to paint your wood siding, you need to make sure to apply it correctly. Any moisture that is trapped underneath the paint could lead to cracking and bubbling of the paint. If you don’t feel confident in your abilities, you might want to hire someone to do the job instead of risking wasting the time and money by doing it yourself.

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