As the summer goes on, many folks are becoming more aware of the wildlife around them. On your property, you may be alerted to the presence of unwanted rodents or mostly harmless – but ugly – weeds. The solution that many people turn to is the use of pesticides.

It’s important to note that pesticides may be harmful to your health or the health of your family. While it’s up to you to determine whether or not pesticides are a good idea for your home, business, or other property, if you do decide to use them, here are some basic pointers that are helpful.

First, it’s typically a good idea not to spray pesticides on a windy day. Especially if your method for applying them involves high pressure, they could travel much farther than a person’s coronavirus droplets! When you’re using them, it’s important to wear proper PPE to protect yourself from inhalation or absorption. And of course, when storing pesticides, keep them far out of reach from children.

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