Mowing the grass is one of those things that never change. Many adults can still remember the first time their parent taught them how to do it, and then it quickly went from being a fun new thing to a chore that seemed to come up every five minutes. Now, those adults are mowing their own lawns – some still loving it, others still viewing it as a chore that seems to come up every five minutes. Whichever you are, there are some basic things to keep in mind when it comes to the length of your grass.

First, many people like to let their grass grow to the very limit when it becomes necessary to mow. However, besides being unsightly, overgrown grass can be a home to unwanted creatures and can bring wrath down on you from an HOA or city regulators.

Second, some like to cut the grass as short as possible to avoid having to mow frequently. Unfortunately, this often leads to dead patches or an entirely brown lawn. There’s really no substitute for a regular, moderate cutting routine.

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