Have you ever fallen down a stair? Fortunately, most of us haven’t had to experience that, but it could be very dangerous, even a risk to your life. There are, however, two groups who are more at risk for falling down stairs than anyone else. That is the elderly and the young. Having bad eyesight, poor balance and sometimes being confused, older people in your home should be protected from falling down stairs. The same goes for children who might just be playing and be oblivious to the danger until they go stumbling down the stairs.

Over a thousand people die each year in the US from falling down stairs, so the risk is very real. You can protect yourself and your family by making sure that your stairs aren’t trip hazards. If there is carpet on the stair, make sure it is fastened well. Railings should be stable and smooth. If necessary, installing sturdy gates at the top and bottom of the stair could be a lifesaver.

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