There’s no disputing the fact that fat can have a very bad effect on a person’s arteries. As it builds up in the human body, it can keep blood from flowing properly and can cause serious damage that can even lead to death. If that’s what fat does to the internal “plumbing system” of a human, is it possible that it could do something very similar to a literal plumbing system?

Absolutely. When you cook fatty foods like beef or bacon, you’re left with a hot skillet full of liquid grease. Unfortunately, many people simply pour that grease into their kitchen sink, sometimes running hot water down the drain with it. This is a terrible thing to do, since the liquid fat will in time cool down and solidify, creating a major clog in the “arteries” of your plumbing or septic system. Instead of pouring fat down the drain, be sure to let it cool and then throw it away once it solidifies.

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