Most home buyers, whether they are experienced or are novices in the world of real estate, understand the basic principle of a home inspection. It’s the stage in the purchasing process after an offer has been accepted, and right before the official “sold” sign goes up on the front lawn. But even though you may get what happens during a home inspection (including the part where you cross your fingers and hope everything is okay) what you may not be aware of is how do you know that you are finding a qualified and reliable source to complete your home inspection?

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to ensure that you hiring the proper home inspector. Following these guidelines will mean all the difference between a successful, stress free home inspection and a chaotic disaster.

Do They Want You Around?
You’re going to want to pick a home inspector that insists on having you present for the entirety of your inspection. Having you just show up at the end of the inspection doesn’t help anyone out, especially you, the homeowner. If they want you there the entire time, it’s a good sign that they want up-front and open communication with you.

Can they Give you a Sample Report?
A quality home inspector will be able to provide you with a few solid examples as a reference point. Looking at their past work will allow you to study first-hand how their inspection report is written and formatted. If you want to be able to tell the difference between a quality report and a poor report, pay attention to how the describe a home’s defects. A good home inspection report will be able to not only properly explain an issue, but it will address how it can be fixed. A few pictures should also be included.

Do they have the proper licenses and insurance?
Many states require home inspectors to be properly licensed. A qualified home inspector will easily be able to provide you with copies of these licenses and give you proof of insurance in a timely manner.

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