In our last article, we addressed the fact that although composting is a very good and responsible thing to do, caution must also be taken so as to avoid health-related hazards that come with it. There are a number of measures we can take to ensure our health and safety when it comes to composting.

An important step in staying safe is to avoid contact with the compost. To do this, wear suitable, protective clothing. Wear gloves and good footwear. Avoid wearing the shoes you use when composting in the house.

Washing your hands after working with compost is another vital step to avoiding potentially dangerous ailments. This is usually something that can become overlooked though, especially when you immediately move on to doing something else in the garden.

Anyone who frequently handles compost is aware that tilling is something that has to be done often to ensure that the compost breaks down. Always wear a breathing mask when tilling so as to avoid accidentally inhaling spores that could come from rotting matter. It is best to avoid tilling if it is very windy out.

If stored incorrectly, compost can be rather combustible. Store your compost in a receptacle that will allow for good airflow.

Although these might seem like some simple tips for protecting yourself, they are still some of the best ways to ensure you avoid composting hazards.

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