Often times during a home inspection we notice work that was done by a homeowner. While some homeowners do very well, others are not so skilled and the evidence is pretty clear.

For the most part, the damage done is very minor by nature. A crooked door, a bad paint job, or some odd plumbing are not typically the worst things we see. The issues we see that make us really stand up straight are when homeowners do their own electrical work.

Again, not to say that a homeowner “can’t” do this, but unless you are a professional electrician, this should typically be left up to the pros.

For instance, we have inspected many homes that have had professional electricians with many years of experience – and we have found safety hazards. Homes that have had professional inspectors do the electrical work, and had a professional electrical inspection afterward, have had house fires.

So if the professionals who do this day in and day out, who have years of training and experience, and who have had other professionals check their work – and THEY still make mistakes, how much more likely for a homeowner to make a mistake and put his life and others at risk.

So leave the electrical work to the pros and keep you and your family safe.

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