Most people are familiar with a certain set of suggestions when it comes to protecting their homes from burglary. A good set of locks, maybe a security system, a video doorbell, even motion detectors can all be useful. However, we have some suggestions that may not be very obvious to most people.

For one, think about what you post to social networks. If your Instagram feed looks like a daily journal from your vacation or even weekly routine, you may be inadvertently advertising that your valuables are free for the taking – especially if you have a public account.

Secondly, think about what makes a home attractive to a thief, and do the opposite. If you’re going to be away for some time, ask a trusted friend to stay in the house while you’re gone. If there are certain times that you’re typically away from the house, set up some automation to turn on lights or other electronics during that time to make the home appear lived in.

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