After the first couple of weeks of staying at home, people tend to run out of “fun” things to do. For some, the boredom starts kicking in and it gets harder to avoid the temptation to leave the house! If that’s true for you, how can you spend your time in a way that’s low-cost, low-effort, and high-reward? Here are some ideas:

  1. Prep for springtime! You could install that window unit air conditioner, do some maintenance on your grill, or put out the lawn furniture.
  2. Prep for emergencies! Make sure your smoke detectors work, practice your evacuation route, gather what you need for a “go bag”. It’s always best to be prepared, but especially when it comes to emergencies.
  3. Prep for safety! Face masks aren’t the only kind of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) out there. Make sure you have things like work gloves and safety glasses. If you have them, make sure they’re in good condition.
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