Madewell  Inspection Services LLC

Inspecting Your Investment – Protecting Your Future

Madewell  Inspection Services LLC

Inspecting Your Investment – Protecting Your Future


When hiring a home inspector, be sure to hire the best – Hire Madewell Inspection Services, LLC!

Columbia MD Home Inspections
Columbia MD Home Inspectors
Columbia MD Home Inspections
Making Sure Your House is

A “Madewell” Home

Welcome to Madewell Inspection Services, LLC. We are your premier home inspectors in Columbia MD, and serving all surrounding areas.

Buying a home is a big decision, no matter who we are. So getting a thorough, detailed home inspection, and an honest assessment of the home’s condition, is critical during the home buying process.

A bad home inspector could cost you dearly over the years. A good home inspector, on the other hand, can save you thousands of dollars, years of headache and heartache, and protect your family’s future.

We know that you will find the best home inspection services here at Madewell inspections. We know this because we care about people, we know homes, and we work hard – very hard – to give you the best home inspection possible.

We are experienced, focused, and highly trained professional home inspectors. Contact us today, and see why so many choose Madewell Inspection Services for THEIR home inspection needs.

Modern, Electronic

Home Inspection Reports

A vital part of any home inspection is the report you receive afterward. We use Spectora Home Inspection Software, which is the leader in the inspection community.

Our digital reports make negotiations easier, and make disseminating the information to everyone who needs it a breeze. This makes the entire process easier for you.

Complete with clear descriptions, detailed photos, and comprehensive summaries, our reports are head and shoulders above the rest.

Maryland Home Inspector License # 33112

Inspection Qualifications

We are one of the most qualified home inspectors in Columbia MD. We have built our qualifications through experience, but also through diligent and intense training and continuing education.

We are full members of InterNACHI, the world’s largest home inspector association, and the provider of the world’s most rigorous home inspector training.

Our license with the State of Maryland is something that we view as a minimum, not the standard. Instead, we follow Marland Standards – and then exceed them.

A home inspection is nothing to be taken lightly, and should be done by only the most qualified home inspectors out there.

We here at Madewell are a proven, dedicated, and highly trained home inspection company that will give you the very best every time.


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